About Reconnecting Ministries
About Reconnecting Ministries and Products
Reconnecting Ministries and Products have been established under the direction of the Holy Spirit with two main purposes. The first is to build an effective ministry base to properly communicate a message of spiritual reconnection between the Church and Israel; through books and teachings by Grant Berry and others called to the same purpose. The second is to build an effective business base that comes along side the ministry to help strengthen its focus financially.

About Reconnecting Ministries

We believe that in this day, the Church is called to help re-birth Israel and the Jewish people in the Spirit of G-d through the New Covenant (Gospel). For the Church to come into its destined role to release the mercy and breath of G-d into the children of Israel through prayer and intercession to awaken them into the Spirit (Ezekiel 37:9-11).For the Father to spiritually reconnect the family of G-d, in order for both groups to come into the fullness of their destinies; in fulfilling G-d’s plan upon the earth to glorify His kingdom through His Son’s return for the Father to spiritually reconnect the family of G-d, in order for both groups to come into the fullness of their destinies; in fulfilling G-d’s plan upon the earth to glorify His kingdom through His Son’s return (Ezekiel 36:22,23).

We believe that this end time focus will result in the following:

  • Uniting the family of G-d between Jew and Gentile into Christ’s heart (John 17).
  • The veil being lifted over the Jewish people (Romans 11:25-27).
  • The power of G-d being loosed upon the earth (Romans 11:15).
  • End-time revival amongst the nations (Joel 2:28-32).
  • Jesus’ return (Revelations 19:11-16).
  • For Christ’s body {Jew and Gentile} to receive their inheritance to rule and reign with their returning King (Isaiah 61:6,7; Revelation 2:26; Revelations 5:9,10).

As a result, the Church is in great need of restoring its connection with its Jewish heritage and roots, as well as receiving healing and cleansing from its ancestral past. This touch from the Spirit will ultimately restore it’s calling during these days to properly draw the Jews to jealousy and naturally release the mercy of G-d back to Israel, which is our Father’s plan for His Gentile children and His Church (Romans 11:13, 30-31). We believe that in order for the Church to move in this role that it must first receive ‘The Father’s Heart’ and be spiritually reconnected to its firstborn brethren, which is the central theme of this ministry.

Grant Berry has written two books on this subject. The first book, “The New Covenant Prophecy” is being published by Destiny Image and will be on bookshelves October 2012. It has been written to explain the fullness of the Gospel to Jewish people and is a great witnessing tool. It also gives Gentile believers a deeper look at many of the issues that Jewish people have to face in embracing Yeshua. Imparting greater understanding in this regard; further helping them to better connect with Jewish people. The second book, ‘The Father’s Heart for Israel and the Church’ addresses many of the core issues of this ministry and calling in helping the Church to reconnect with Israel and will be available towards the end of 2013.

Reconnecting Ministries also has a focus on encouraging all peoples into the fullness of the New Covenant. For all believers to come into the intimacy and personal relationship that the Holy Spirit brings, when meeting the G-d of Abraham through His Holy Son (Jeremiah 31:31-34; John 3:16,-18; 4:23,24). Berry believes that as the Church reconnects to Israel the door will open to heal many of the other divides in the body of Christ and that His Church would truly come together as a major force upon the earth.

Reconnecting Ministries is committed to these goals without compromising the holiness of His word. That His love, peace and joy would be seen through His body further helping those in the world to see the great light through Yeshua/Jesus, and to turn from their sins before it is too late (John 13:35).

Reconnecting Ministries first goal is to help the Church spiritually connect with Israel with the above focus. Its second goal is to help move the body of Christ into Spirit led prayer and Intercession for both groups. Ultimately providing the spiritual fuel necessary in order to bring about the changes required for G-d’s plans to come to pass upon the earth through end time awakening and revival. As a result, its initial focus will be upon the reconnection and will phase into its second goal, as the body begins to respond to the message at hand.

About Reconnecting Products

To help fund these efforts, Grant Berry has created Reconnecting Products. A new multi --level and direct sales company in the skin care area with a new line of products called Synchronology, which he is also offering to the body of Christ as a moneymaking opportunity. Reconnecting Products will be a for profit company.

Reconnecting People

In establishing the Ministry, book and Business foundations; Reconnecting Ministries and Products are looking to first connect with those in the body of Christ; who already have this revelation and understanding from G-d about Israel’s significance in the last days, as stated above.

For the sake of reference, Reconnecting Ministries refers to these believers in the Church as Ruth’s and Cornelius’. These are men and women who have already been given a special love and place in their hearts for the people of Israel (Ruth; Acts 10). The ministry is looking to connect with these believers to help strengthen their vision and purpose from within the Church, in order to help awaken it. With this purpose in mind, we are looking to build and strengthen this message throughout the Church, through teaching and prayer.

Reconnecting Products will also provide a sales and business platform to those in the body who may also want to be involved in this new opportunity from its inception. Berry believes in empowering those in the kingdom towards achieving improved lives. Who is better for this vision and purpose, than those who already have this same theological understanding? Whom G-d has already prepared, that this message of reconnection would help to focus and empower this remnant to awaken the rest of G-d’s body to this aim.

Please visit the Reconnecting Products website at reconnectingproducts.com