About Reconnecting Ministries
Grant Berry's Bio

Grant Berry
Grant has been a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah since 1985. Based on a vision he received from G-d, Grant Berry, a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus since 1985, has established Reconnecting Ministries to help the Church reconnect to Israel.

As a minister of the Gospel, Grant believes that now is the time for the Jewish people to be spiritually awakened. That the Church is to come into its destined role to release the mercy and breath of G-d into the children of Israel through prayer and intercession.

Born in London, England; Grant is married, has three children and lives in New York. He is an entrepreneur who founded three Cosmetic companies, as well as ministries focused on reaching Jewish people and leading thousands to faith (under the Wilkerson Brothers at Times Square Church, and in former Soviet Union). The New Covenant Prophecy chronicles his fascinating story of supernatural experiences.

Grant BerryGrant also runs Messiah’s House:
  1. Reaching the Jewish people with the good news
  2. Uniting Jew and Gentile
  3. Further establishing prayer and intercession
Messiah’s House and Reconnecting Ministries have similar visions and goals. Except Messiah’s House has more of a local focus to reach out to the Jewish community and local Churches. Whereas, Reconnecting Ministries is called to the Church at large to deliver The Father’s Heart for His spiritual family.

For more information on The New Covenant Prophecy, please contact Destiny Image Publishing at www.destinyimage.com.